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Maryann says, "Thank you for the perfect evening, I was very concerned when you mentioned that I had to plan our Valentine's. Boy did you surprise me?" Then thinking to herself, "I have a surprise for you on Sunday with Kerry joining us." Maryann then continues nipping at his ears, licking them, then kissing his neck. She makes sure to rub, on his now very erect penis. She is taking this seduction very slow, so it continues for like 15 to 20 minutes. Marcus, already as horny as can be, starts to feel up Maryann, then he finds the snaps, at her crotch, to the teddy then starts unsnapping them. After the last snap is unbutton, he places a finger into her sopping wet pussy, then another finger, going in and out, twisting his fingers then curling them, he locates her g-spot, sending more shivers through her entire body. As he is playing with her pussy, he says, "Maryann, what happened to the small patch of hair on your pussy, it feels so smooth?" "We each had a Brazilian wax the other day of our pussy then ass. Do you like it?" "Like it, I love it, it feels so smooth and great. Who is we?" "Kerry, Su Linn & I, all three of us went together. The new Brazilian place had a Valentine's special, so we took advantage of it. Even though it hurt a little bit, the technician couldn't believe it, but shall I say, we took care of each other's needs during each other's sessions?" "Wish I was there; I would have gotten one, then helped everyone out taking care of you three." Marcus then asks, "What is in the box?" "Open it. It's a mutual special gift" Marcus opens the box to find a vibrating butt plug with a gorgeous crystal in the base, larger purple Rabbit vibrating dildo and a double ended dildo with waterproof anal gel and pussy lube. "What are these for Maryann?" "Me, I want the butt plug in my ass, as you fuck my brains out tonight. But first the rabbit. It does both my pussy and clit. Go for it my love and thank you again for tonight." Marcus then helps Maryann remove the red teddy from her body. Maryann lays on the pillow, spread eagle. Marcus, taking the goodies with him, heads to her pussy. He first starts to lick her pussy, as he nips her clit, he then sticks a finger, then another into her wet pussy. Realizing she is wet, hot and horny; he starts to lube up her new toys. First the anal plug. Lifting her up a little off the bed, he lubes her brown hole, then the vibrating butt plug. Placing the butt plug slowly into her asshole, she starts to relax her sphincter muscles. Maryann says, "Take it slow, it has been a while since you were in there last." As her sphincter muscles relax, the plug then completely slides in entering her asshole which is turned on. Leaving it in place, he then gets the rabbit. Lubes up her pussy, then the rabbit is slid into her pussy. Turning it on, as he teases her with both the toys vibrating in both her holes, he moves up on her body to play and tease with her small breasts. Then goes down to start licking her labia & clit. Maryann is feeling the vibrations in both her holes plus with the licking on key parts of her body. "Marcus, these feel so nice nooo sooo great, I am having small orgasms, one after another. Please pull out the rabbit so at least you can fuck my pussy?" "Maryann, in a little bit, I am having too much fun teasing you right now. I was able to suck on your nipples, now I am licking you around your clit, going up and down your slit, all the time while you are feeling the vibrations from your toys. ENJOY THEM FOR NOW." All of a sudden, Maryann's pelvis, almost knocking a tooth out of Marcus's mouth, as she bounces off the bed in a major orgasm. "Marcus, stop it please, it's too much, I am cumming, cumming, oh god, Jesus, I am cumming. But it feels so, so good, I am cumming oh I am cumming." From her pushing, mixed with her own juices & the lube, the rabbit slides out of her pussy then she starts squirting all over the bed, as her body continues to move up and down on the bed on her own, almost like a scene from the Exorcist, while Marcus just watches her reaction in amazement. Without the rabbit and its vibrations, Maryann starts to calm down leaving just the butt plug in her asshole, he turns off the vibrations on her butt plug, allowing Maryann to calm down even more. After Maryann calms down for a few minutes she takes Marcus into her arms. "Sorry babe, I don't know what came over me, that was so unreal, like someone or something took over my body, that orgasm was that good. Thank you." "Maryann, I could not believe how turned on you were from all those vibrations. Are you OK?" "Yes, let's continue, only with the butt plug vibrating again in my ass and you fucking the life out of me." With the butt plug still in her ass, the vibration is turned back on, Marcus decides to have her lay on her back, so he can fuck her like never before. He stabs her pussy, as he is so horny and ready to screw Maryann. Marcus feels the vibrations as well as some fullness from the butt plug on his penis black hd porn . Enjoying the mutual feeling, he starts to pump & pump, riding his 7.5 inches into Maryann. "Maryann is telling him, just pump, please, please I love the combined feelings." After 15 almost 20 minutes of riding 'this horse', feeling tightness from her pussy muscles on his penis, squeezing him, then letting up, then squeezing some more, Marcus starts spewing his white liquid cum into her pussy. He cannot stop himself from cumming & pumping into her and keeps just pumping away until? "Marcus, please stop, I really don't want you to stop, as this feels so good, but I am starting to getting really sore, down there, to the point of hurting me." Almost like hearing an alarm bell go off in his head, Marcus slowly, but as quickly as possible, without hurting Maryann anymore, pulls out of her pussy, as his cum leaks out of her. He quickly goes to her, kisses her, then cuddles her in his arms. "Sorry babe, I also got carried away from the vibrations, I didn't mean to hurt you." "It is OK, I know, let's snuggle together. I am too sore for you licking my pussy or anything more right now, sleep time." They kiss goodnight then fall asleep in each other's arms, cuddled facing each other. In the morning they both wake around 8:30 am, Maryann is still sore so she passes on any sex in the morning. Marcus of course, is OK with that. Since they are having brunch at 12:30 pm, a light breakfast of a fruit cup and bread basket with OJ & coffee is ordered. Maryann says, "I made a reservation for us for the brunch, my treat, you have paid for enough" "You don't have to treat; I am the husband," carrying on from check in. "That is OK, wifey has money on her own and doesn't need hubby's money." as she sticks her tongue out to him. With that comment and her tongue sticking out to him, Marcus jumps on her, then starts to tickle her, however, unlike his twin, she is not as ticklish. They hear the in-suite intercom. "Room service for Mr. & Mrs. Vanderman." "They both are giggling." Marcus yelling out to the intercom, "One moment please." Marcus throws on a hotel robe on, gets a $10.00 from his wallet, closes the door to their room to answer the door. "I'll set this up for you on the dining room table, unless you want it in one of the bedrooms?" "Dining room table is fine." "Please sign here." Marcus signs as he handing him the extra $10.00 bill. "Thank you very much Mr. Vanderman, just leave everything here when you are done, when the room is cleaned up later, after you head for your brunch, we will come back to pick everything up." "Thank you, that sounds like a plan and you are very welcome." Hearing the room service guy leave, Maryann comes out, also in a hotel robe. Marcus, as a gentleman, pours her OJ then coffee. The two relaxing at the table, enjoy the light snack and refreshments as they chat about last night, the show, food and the incredible sex they both experienced. After their light meal, they then get ready for their brunch, taking their time relaxing. First a shower together, in the master bath suite. Not one but two rain fall type shower heads with nozzles on three sides of the shower. They each stand under a separate head getting sprayed on from the nozzles on the wall. After a few minutes of enjoyment, Maryann moves over to Marcus's area handing him a bar of soap. "Clean me up babe please and don't miss an inch of my body. This hot water feels so great on my worn-out body. We need a shower like this when we buy a house in the future." Marcus takes the soap then starts washing with his hands, Maryann's body. Doing her back, neck, massaging it a little, then her ass crack, going inside a little, then re-soaps his hand, he goes down her legs. Turning her towards him, he does her 30 A sized breasts, pulling on her small nipples. Then reaches down to soap her pussy, running up her slit, curling his fingers, enters into her pussy, he tries to hit her G-Spot, as he is also enjoying the smooth new feeling of no hair at all. All this time, Maryann is just, "Meowing like a cat. Um, Um, that feels so good. You sure know how to clean a woman's body?" Once Marcus is done with her body, he then washes her hair, giving her a head massage as he rubs in the shampoo from their shower area https://hotmyfreecams.com. Then he rinses out the shampoo and Maryann is all nice and clean from head to toe and what is in between. He hands her the soap. "Your turn to wash me?" She then takes the soap to do his back, his ass crack, then slides under catching his balls to grab his penis from behind. Jerks him off a few times, then slides her hand back under his balls, then back up his ass crack. From there, she re-soaps her hand, turns him around after doing his legs, rubs his groin area, soaps it, then soaps his penis with a few more jerks, pre-cum starts leaking, seeing it, she bends down on her knees after letting water rinse the soap off his penis, then proceeds to gives him a blow job, that she hopes will rock his world. Licking the crown then sliding her tongue over the slit of his penis, "Maryann, that feels so good, really good. Please don't stop." With water cascading over her head, she continues with her hands around his penis, lips pumping, she continues to blow his world. Meanwhile he starts pumping, fucking her mouth. "Get ready, I am about to blow a load or two or if you keep going three or four. Pump, suck, pump, more hand action, I am cumming, cumming. "That felt great, thank you." With her mouth full, she is still sucking and swallowing as much cum as possible. She says, "Your welcome." She then continues to try to get that 2nd load from him, as he starts moving his pelvis more, he starts rubbing his stomach. He says, "UM, UM, OH that feels so good but you can stop whenever you want to, I am now in overload, but keeping going, as it feels soo, sooo, so good." After sucking him dry, she removes her mouth from his penis, stands up lifts her arms to bring his mouth to hers, with some of his cum still in her mouth they exchange a kiss, as he tastes and gets some of his own cum, they mutually swallow. "Maryann, that felt great, where did that come from & why?" "Marcus after everything you did for me yesterday, you deserve a great blow job from me. However, the clock is ticking and we have to get down for brunch soon, I am hungry and I don't want to lose our reservations." She is also thinking to herself, "Kerry should be on Metro North, on her way down to join us?" Marcus and Maryann leave the shower, dry themselves off, then go to their individual dressing rooms to get ready. Maryann throws on her Red thong with a pair of tight blue jeans, then adds a tunic sweater top that goes below her waist. No bra again, no need with 30 A's. Some Miracle perfume is dabbed on, red lipstick, her jewelry and she is ready. She heads into the main sitting area of the room waiting on Marcus. Marcus in his dressing room area, shaves, then puts on a pair of black jeans with a nice button-down shirt, adds some nice cologne and he is ready. Walking out to the sitting area to find Maryann waiting for him. They exchange a kiss then holding hands, leave the room heading to the elevator for the restaurant level, to have brunch. Arriving at the restaurant, Maryann checks in, "Reservations for Mr. & Mrs. Vanderman," keeping up the theme from the hotel check in. "Yes, I have it right here, I have a beautiful table, semi private, large enough for four by the window for you to both look at Times Square, enjoy." Maryann says, "Thank you." The server comes over to explain the brunch today, "it is a help yourself full buffet with various stations set up. Whenever you are ready? Does anyone want coffee, juice or anything?" Marcus tells her, "Two coffees with cream please, no juices." "I'll bring them right over." Chapter three Saturday evening, Valentine's, Kerry was at her friend Su Linn's house. Su Linn with a perfectly formed 36 C-24-34 body, long straight black hair at 5 ft 7 inches. Her mom is American, dad is Japanese. Her parents met while her mom, as an interpreter for a large global company was on a business trip to Japan  best free porn tube. Her father wooed her mom for 3 months before she would go out with them. After dating for a year, they married, moved to America, her mom got pregnant a few years later and Su Linn was born. Kerry and Su Linn stayed in to thoroughly enjoy each other with Kerry's hymen now gone, the two were able to enjoy each other more together. Kerry wakes up in Su Linn's arm then waking her up. "Su Linn, I need to get ready, remember your taking me to the train station this morning." Su Linn, gets up throws some clothes on while Kerry runs into a quick shower, then gets dressed for the ride to the Scarsdale train station. Su Linn seeing how Kerry is dressed for the trip down to NYC says, "If you don't turn heads on that train or in NYC, I don't know Kerry, I am getting wet just looking at you. I have seen, enjoyed and played with every body part under those clothes? WOW." Su Linn then kisses her good bye, they intertwine their tongues. As Kerry leaves the car to catch a train, Su Linn says, "Have fun tonight with Marcus & Maryann, enjoy cumming, cumming & cumming, laughing." "I will smart ass, love you, thanks for a great evening and ride." Su Linn says "love you back and your very welcome, have to do it again with Maryann, including her with our new double ended toy, if we can get her away from Marcus now?" Kerry says, "Maybe we will add my twin next time, at least have one real pencil in all our slits?" As a major surprise to her brother, she is staying overnight. Traveling to NYC via Metro North. The reason her girlfriend mentioned her clothes and outfit is the way she dressed this morning. She is wearing a very skin tight pair of maroon colored leggings, almost like they were painted on, without any underwear on underneath, allowing anyone to notice her camel toe and you can even notice the crack in her ass, including that she has a sculptured beautiful ass. Let's just say she is leaving nothing to anyone's imagination including knowing her twin brother loves seeing her in leggings and will appreciate her look. Kerry being a nude free kind of gal could care less about any looks she gets from people. Plus, she is sure men that had erectile issues are probably getting an erection from seeing her in the leggings. She is also wearing a red sweater top, ending just above her belly button with the shoulders cut out with her black leather jacket to completing her outfit. Then with her hair still damp, she added a baseball style cap, having her red ponytail through the hole in the back. Without a bra her 32 B's with elongated nipples were poking out her sweater, currently covered by her leather jacket. She has an overnight bag on wheels for her clothes, make up & toiletries, as after brunch, she is planning to spend the day then night with Marcus & Maryann. Arriving into Grand Central, she takes the shuttle to Time Square. At Times Square she heads to the hotel, planning to go directly to the restaurant, to meet Maryann and surprise her brother. Based on her outfit with the very tight leggings, she is getting looks along her journey, from both men and women, checking out not only her front camel toe, but the defined crack of her ass. Arriving at the hotel, she is warmly greeted by the doorman, "can I help you with your bag, madame or direct you somewhere?" "No thank you, on the bag, I am fine rolling it, but can you please direct me to the main restaurant where the brunch is being served?" Checking her out while enjoying the view, he slowly tells her how to find the restaurant & elevator to take. Kerry takes the elevator, with her jacket open now; not caring, that people can now notice her nipples as well. Stepping into the restaurant, she is greeted by the hostess, who is looking her up then down at this fine specimen of a very hot, model type teen girl, however her outfit, is typical for the NYC area. "Can I help you?" Being clued a head of time, by Maryann, to play along, about them being married. Kerry says, "Yes, can you please direct me to the, Vanderman couple's table." "Ah yes, Mrs. Vanderman, mentioned someone will be surprising her husband, lucky him, you must be his surprise? Implying, she could be his whore." "Yes honey, if you couldn't tell, with her NYC attitude, I am his twin sister and her sister-in-law, now please show me to their table." With Marcus seated looking out the window, towards Time Square, eating his food, Maryann sees Kerry approaching. Typical the foreigners are going out of their way, as well as other male & female hotel guests, to continue checking out & following Kerry in her outfit, heads armoving as she moves towards their semi private window table. Kerry let's go of her overnight bag to place her hands over Marcus's eye's. Being in a somewhat their private corner, saying very excited, "surprise bro, I am here and I know you & Maryann had the best Valentine's day possible. I did however enjoy my time last night with Su Linn. That since, I no longer have my hymen, we were able to use a double ended dildo on each other. Maryann it was the most wonderful feeling. We will have to try it together?" Still behind him, Marcus turns his head towards Kerry, getting a kiss on the lips from her then, she bends down to give him a hug, as he stands up to greet his sister with a bear hug. Maryann gets up to also warmly greet Kerry as well. Kerry takes a seat at the table. Of course, everyone is trying to see what they can of what is going on in that corner? Marcus says, "What are you doing here? However, I don't mind, Maryann was this your idea?" Maryann tells Marcus, "After our previous weekend together, Kerry and I hatched up this plan for her to join us in NYC for overnight. We wanted to surprise you as our special V Day gift to our man, however we both were not expecting to be in the Presidential Suite." Marcus says, "Kerry, I am so glad you were able to come down to join us. I am looking forward to walking around NYC with the two of you, then playing with the both of you, tonight." "Hey, I love your outfit, if it was any place but NYC, you'd be arrested. What about mom, what did you tell her?" "As far as my outfit, bro it is in your honor, I only care about you checking out my ass in these leggings, after your previous reaction to my black pair. I told mom, that you scored a large two-bedroom suite and invited me down to stay in the other room tonight." "Mom knows the three of us get along, but hope she doesn't know how well? But she says enjoy & to send her love to you both." Meanwhile, a male server comes running over, instead of their normal server, to the table.

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