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problème cur CJ

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Bonjour à tous ce matin j'ai reçu cet email de la part de Commission Junction

Recently you requested assistance from Commission Junction. Below is a summary of your request and our response.

We will assume your issue has been resolved if we do not hear from you within 72 hours.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

To update your question from the Support Center, click here.


Commission Junction Notice to Disclose Account as Incentive/Special Program

Discussion Thread

Response Via Email (Network Compliance) 11/14/2012 06:30 PM

Commission Junction Notice to Disclose Account as Incentive/Special Program

Hello xxxxxxxxxx,

Review of your Publisher account and its traffic indicates your use of promotional method(s) that Commission Junction deems special, requiring a special indication and description in your Publisher Account as detailed in the Publisher Service Agreement you agreed to follow.

Incentives provided to end user / consumer


As you should be aware, an accurate incentive/special program description is required to operate in the Commission Junction network. Therefore, you must immediately update your account settings.

For instructions on how to update these account settings, see the following topic:

Disclosure of Promotional Methods

Link: http://cjsupport.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/623

If your account is already flagged as an Incentive/Special and an updated description is required, please immediately update this inquiry and include as much detail as possible regarding your program.

You may update your incident at http://cjsupport.custhelp.com/app/account/questions/detail/i_id/712040/username/3354727

If software is involved, include information regarding distribution, branding, un-installation, and end user signup to services provided by this software. If you are using third party services and/or publishing links on third party sites (sites that you do not own or operate), provide a list of service providers and sites associated with such providers. Once this information is received Network Quality will update your account.

After the above-requested information is updated, all of your program's advertiser affiliations will be set to "pending" and must first be re-approved by individual advertiser(s) in order for tracking and transactions to resume.

You are directed to respond within 48 hours of the date of this notice. Failure to respond shall be deemed an admission of liability and acceptance of this letter as 15 days notice of termination, and may result in Commission Junction exercising its right to terminate the Commission Junction Publisher Service Agreement upon 15 days from the date of this written notice or sooner.

Please note that current or pending payout(s) may be placed on hold pending notification from you and Commission Junction's confirmation of your full compliance.

You may update your incident at http://cjsupport.custhelp.com/app/account/questions/detail/i_id/712040/username/3354727


Ma question est avez vous déjà reçu ce genre de mail de leur part?

Mon problème c'est que je ne pratique aucune sorte d'incentive alors je ne comprends pourquoi il m'envoie ce mail....

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>> Nouveau : Découvrez la marketplace d'Achat / Vente de Sites !

Merci kermitoo. Donc vous me conseillez de ne rien faire?

Y aurait il pas une personne qui bosse chez commission junction sur le forum? Car à la fin du mail ça me dit que mon compte peut être supprimé si je ne fais rien. J'ai envoyé des mails et personne ne m'a répondu.

si ta rien a te reprocher .... flippe pas sur ce coup tu risque rien

sauf bien sur si tu est borderline

mais il ce blinde "au cas ou"

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