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SEO World Championship


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Welcome to the first annual SEO World Championship

We are launching this competition with the intention of starting a new tradition within the Search Engine Optimization field. SEO is one of the fastest growing Internet media channels today. Our objective is to highlight the advantages of SEO surrounding the advertising community and help sustain the technical development within optimization. The main challenge of this contest is for a website to rank as high as possible on the organic search engine results on all 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN). We will determine the winner based on an average ranking between the selected search engines.

The rules :

1. Site must include either a SEO World Championship text link or a banner. (The banner may be linked or not linked)

2. Text link, copy the code and place it on your website or choose one of the banners.

<a href="http://www.seoworldchampionship.com/">SEO World Championship</a>


Banner with link. (available on 2007-01-15)

Banner without link. (available on 2007-01-15)

3. Valid contact information must be found on the site, E-mail is preferred.

4. Your official domain must be registered the same day or after January the 15th 2007.

(All domains registered before the 15th of January 2006 will not qualify for the competition)

5. Website will not use SEO methods which are clearly not approved by Search Engine Guidelines for example: doorway pages, etc. See Google webmaster Guidelines. (Any participant ignoring the Google webmaster guidelines will not qualify for a prize)

How the winners will be selected

On May 1st, 2007 we will make a search for "the keyword" on Google.com, MSN.com and Yahoo.com and combine the scores and subsequently determine a winner. The score is calculated by giving points to position 1 - 10 in each search engine. You will receive 10 points for a number one spot, and 1 point for a number 10 spot.

For example:

Your website: www.yourdomain.com

Rank in Google: 7 = 4 points

Rank in MSN: 10 = 1 point

Rank in Yahoo: 2 = 9 points

Total points for www.yourdomain.com = 14 points

If 2 contestants would end up with the same Total points then the contestant with the highest rank in Google.com will take the higher position. You can follow the the total points of this contest on our scorecard page.

The Prizes :

1st price : A brand new Citroen C2.

The winner of our first prize will receive a brand new Citroen c2 from the closest local car dealer.


2nd price : A Caribbean Cruise. The winner will recieve travel checks.


3rd price : A plasma tv


4th price : $500


5th price : $100



The selected keyword will be officially announced on our web site, at 13.00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) the 15th of January, 2007. With your help we will advance Search Engine Marketing technology and knowledge while using SEO as an educational tool. For every contestant that enrols Eastpoint Group will donate a specific sum to the Red Cross organization.

TimelineThe contest will start January 15th, 2007 and end in May 1st, 2007.The keyword / key phrase will be announced on January 15th at 13.00 PM EST and the final results will be checked on May 1st at 18.00 PM EST

Note :

This topic will be retitled with the Keyword as soon as it will be announced

Please Write in English on this Topic so that it could be useful to have links here for French Challengers.

The French SEO participating to the World SEO Challenge :

1 - Keyword

2 - Keyword

3 - Keyword


As traditionnally, Taggle, Seosphere and Utilisable will participate to this Seo Challenge :ph34r:

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>> Nouveau : Découvrez la marketplace d'Achat / Vente de Sites !

[hide]mais non mais non, le site de la french task force est fait pour preparer et avoir un pied a terre au us pour le lancement de nos sites a partir du 15 janvier tout simplement.

On commence a mettre du contenu, on commence a l indexer, et a partir du 15 janvier il servira a présenter et a linker nos sites du concours.

C'est comment dire : une ancre que l'on vient de mettre en place, c'est sur que cela est encore un peu leger mais cela ne nous fera pas de mal .

Enfin c'est l'avis de certaines personnes ici et la.

traduction du texte par google (moi je ne connait rien a l'english )

Revu et corrigé ;)[/hide]

Not at all, the french task force website is just made to prepare and to have a strong presence in the US to help our websites grow in this contest and make their business

We started to put content on it and to make it indexed by Google.

On January 15 it will be useful to present and to link our sites participating to the contest.

It is like a Star in the Google sky we just launched, it is still a little one but that will not make us evil.

Some people agree with this project ;)

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Oh yes, I understand :shout:

If you want to link your Frenchteam from the France, I'm not sure it's a good solution

Good luck with your fuckin translator (I don't have translator, I prefer translate like a "goret" :shout: )

Edit Fun : bah voilà, j'ai causé en "english" :+

Edited by xavfun
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which is your strategy ?


Fun and Only Fun

=>>> with only french link, you are sur to see "translate your page" on Google

=>> this is not a Tarlouze SEO Competion :shout:

[hide][mode French comeback]

vite une affiliation pour apprendre l'anglais avec une suèdoise :wub:

[/mode French comeback][/hide]

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Ca y est le mot clé tant attendu a été dévoilé

Il s'agit de : globalwarming awareness2007


Aucun résultat bien sur pour le moment

Ouverture d'un topic dédié sur le forum sur lequel vous pourrez mettre vos sites participant au Concours :

Globalwarming awareness2007

Pensez à ne parler qu'Anglais sur ce topic pour qu'il soit vu comme une page Anglaise par Google

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